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An island in the Venice Gulf,Burano - 1


Today I want to mention about "Şirinler Village ".

    It’s name is not ‘Şirinler’ but the place itself is. It’s an island village.Our village is in the Venice gulf  at the Adriatic Coast.It’s name is ‘Burano’.It’s one of the  islands in the Venice Gulf.It’s the oldest site with it’s neighbours Murano and Torchello.Our village is on the island.More exactly  the island itself is a village.But it shouldn’t be misunderstood when I say ‘island’.It’s not like the islands that are in the Aegean and  the Marmara Sea.Because there aren’t any mountains, hills, grassland or ascents.It’s completely flat.Like the other islets in the Venice Gulf,this island has also been formed of the alluvium and mud that had piled up in the gulf from the rivers all along thousand years. 

  Think about some earthen ponds in the middle of the marshes that are an inch higher than the sea level.One of the interesting properties of the area is the rise and fall of the water.If you come up to the time, you may see some parts of lands in the middle of the sea or the earth that you supposed they are lands, may be the sea after one or two hours.






There are reedes and marshes at the coast.I have wondered when I saw this place for the first time.Why have these people settled here although there were a lot of productive and beautiful lands in Italy?But when I learned who they were and why they were there , I had great respect.











 The hunters in the Aegean have a great saying for this kind of places which are diffıcult to live: ‘Tired pigs don’t waste time’.That is to say; this is such a place that the pigs_that they survive in the worst conditions_even if they are helpless or injured don’t take a rest here.It’s such a bad place.The people have come and settled here,to these reeds and marshes, not because of their pleasure but because they were urged by necessity.  



Thousands of years ago, these people have lived in the productive lands of Venice and the slopes of  the Alps.They have trained animals and agricultured on the productive lands near the rivers.But the rest is a familiar story; occupying northern tribes!  


It’s not diffıcult to understand the northern tribes.When we look at the history of the world, in the great periods, we see that the northern tribes have migrated to the hot and productive lands in the south ,whether emigration to the vacant lands or occupying the owned lands.

The command is from the great place;  

   The survival gene! 




İsmail Erbaş

Translated by Fisun Kordel 


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